Q FIT With Mariel Filippone

Who would have thought the laundry piled up on your bed and the canned goods stacked in your pantry could be transformed into lean, mean, fitness-building machines? Mariel, that’s who. If you’ve had trouble socially distancing yourself from your refrigerator during quarantine, now is your chance to get back to fitness. Black Diamond Ambassador and fitness expert Mariel Filippone is leading the charge to help ward off the quarantine 15 by going LIVE in the Q FIT Facebook Group with simple, at-home workouts perfect for every fitness level.

From laundry basket lunges to black bean curls, triceps chair dips and wall sits, Mariel also shares delicious, healthy recipes and rewards followers with cash and exciting prizes for participating in workouts. If you haven’t yet, join the Q FIT Facebook Group and start breaking a sweat with Mariel!

Q Fit At-Home Workout Schedule

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Time: 10:00 am PT, 11:00 am MT

Place: Q FIT Facebook Group