Let’s hit the ground running! The LOSE path is designed for you to shed excess pounds safely and effectively.

  • Simple and Easy – no counting calories or macros
  • Flexible – Choose from over 60 meal and snack recipes based on your tastes and preferences.
  • Enjoy life – choose from 100 Q Fit approved menu items at restaurants across North America.
  • Nutritionally sound – Methylated vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber in our eQ shakes fuel your body with complete nutrition while losing weight faster.

LOSE fat and reach your goals in 4 simple steps:

  • Drink 2 eQ shakes. You can use eQ as a replacement for any 2 meals per day. Make a delicious smoothie with our eQ shake recipes!Eat snacks. The QFit Consult will tell you how many snack to eat each day help keep your metabolism going and your energy level throughout the day.
  • Eat 2 snacks. Do not skip your snacks. They will help keep your metabolism going and your energy level throughout the day.
  • Eat 1 meal. Choose from our Q FIT Meal Recipes OR from our Q FIT Dining Out Guide.
  • Take your Q Trim daily. Take 3 Q Trim capsules with breakfast, and 3 Q Trim capsules at lunch or your afternoon snack.

Because all our Q FIT recipes are both calorie-balanced and macro-balanced, you can choose ANY recipe you desire from our Q FIT MEAL RECIPES.  When you want to dine out, you can choose ANY menu item listed in our Q FIT Dining Out Guide.

We have included SAMPLE MEAL PLANS to help you get started. We have also included exercise, water, and sleep tracking – as all 3 are vital to your overall health and fitness.

We have also included a BLANK TEMPLATE you can print out and use to create your own customized weekly LOSE plan with the recipes and snacks that you and your whole family will crave and love.

We recommend using our Q FIT Workout Guide for fast, efficient workouts you can do anywhere and without equipment.

Once you have reached your goal, you can transition to either the Tone or Build path so you continue on your fitness journey to be come FIT FOR LIFE.

Lose Sample Meal Plan 1
Lose Sample Meal Plan 2