Revolution Winner

As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, Casey Wilder spends a lot of time on the road. Airport to airport, hotel to hotel, tradeshow to tradeshow. Upon arrival at the hotel, Casey’s routine is pretty much established: lounge on the bed, watch TV, and crush a sleeve of donuts — most likely to be chased by a bottle of chocolate milk.

Every city, every night.

That was until he had the customary wakeup call most people struggling with their weight receive from their doctor. Essentially, all the health complications he was experiencing could be attributed to his weight. That wakeup call was reinforced when his stepmom passed away from diabetic complications, just three weeks before IMPACT Orlando. Message received.

Upon enrolling as an Ambassador with Q Sciences in early July 2019, Casey was excited to hit the ground running. Fortunately, Casey’s enrollment coincided with the release of the Q FIT Revolution. Casey added Q Trim and Q Align to his opening order, and his products were waiting for him a few days later when he returned from his latest business trip. Healthier eating habits, fewer cravings, and better overall health were soon to follow.

Skeptically, Casey began using the products regularly. Once he realized he had dropped nine pounds, however, he knew he was on to something life changing. Weight loss wasn’t the only change Casey noticed in his health right away. Within a few nights, he experienced the best night’s sleep he’d had in years. The attribution was obvious for Casey, better overall health. Q Trim and Q Align helped reduce Casey’s cravings and feel better physically, with much more energy to spend time with his two kids. Down over 30 pounds, six pant sizes, and a whole shirt size, with raving reviews from his doctor, Casey submitted his final entry into the Q FIT Revolution. In fact, he only took the time to fill out the survey and upload his “before” and “after” pictures because he had a spare moment at work. For Casey, that spare moment turned into $10,000, as he was voted the Q FIT Grand Prize Winner by his peers at Q Sciences.

Q FIT Revolution Grand-Prize Winner - Casey Wilder, Fort Worth, Texas

With bright lights shining fiercely in his eyes, Casey stood on stage at IMPACT Orlando, frozen with disbelief, holding an oversized check for $10,000. But for his fiancée and two kids, replacing his old habits with new, healthier ones is worth much more than that — a lifetime more.