Q FIT Team,

We are so excited to join with you in your journey to better health and fitness! As you will see, we have relied on the knowledge and experience of experts in the industry to combine the best nutrition choices and workout plans into one simple-to-use program designed to help you reach your performance goals — and maintain them for life.

Whether your goal is to simply become healthier, lose weight, lean and tone your body, or build some massive muscle, Q FIT addresses all aspects of your health and wellness, and puts you on the path to achieving your desired results.

But here’s the deal, we’re not just looking to help you slim down for the summer or just keep off that hibernation insulation that undoubtedly comes each winter. We want to help you create healthy habits in your diet, activity level, nutrition, and mindset that will last a lifetime.

No fad diets, plateaus, or gimmicks, Q FIT is based on sound nutritional science and every recipe has been balanced to meet your macronutrient and caloric needs. Enjoy a fresh take on hundreds of meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even healthy snacks. And because we all have different tastes, you can pick and choose your favorite recipes, while customizing the workouts to fit your activity level.

On your journey to becoming fit for life, take advantage of our family-friendly collection of meal options, nutrition education, workout plans, our favorite products, and even a Healthy Choice Guide, which will help you make better decisions at your favorite restaurants.

We will be cheering you on every step of the way and looking forward to seeing your results!



Your Q FIT Coach