Balanced Nutrition

Motivation comes and goes but creating healthy habits lasts a lifetime. Because there is nothing more intimidating than counting calories and watching carbs and fats, Q FIT has done the heavy lifting for you to turn your meal choices into a healthy lifestyle of clean eating, not a temporary fad diet. Because let’s face it, if you’re tasked with eating bland chicken breast three times a day, once the motivation fades, your “healthy” diet will too.

To promote balanced nutrition, we don’t limit food groups and instead encourage a wide variety of options. This will keep your body strong and also satisfy your palette. In fact, we even went one step further with our meal plans and balanced the macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats) your body needs. We use a macronutrient balance of 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% fat for each one of our recipes.

Why this ratio? This macro structure is proven to keep blood sugar balanced. When your blood sugar is balanced, you don’t deal with mood swings or crazy cravings that can throw you off course. This allows your body to burn fat more easily and freely without the fear of starvation. Bottom line, you’ll feel great and energized, think clearly, minimize cravings and hunger, and be able to work out harder.

Not only is our plan macro-based, it is also calorie-based. Food is fuel, literally energy for your body. And your daily energy needs can be calculated to help you achieve your fitness goals. Want to lose weight? You need a caloric deficit. Want to lean and tone? Use your maintenance calories to change your body composition. Want to build muscle and gain mass? You need a surplus of calories (but not too much!).

Life is busy, and you don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen. Our easy to use meal options will allow you to eat clean, feed your family healthy meals, support your fitness goals, and give you more time to do the things you love.

Oh, and did we mention that you’ll receive recipes, workouts, and fitness inspiration weekly right to your inbox? After all, convenience wins every time.

Time Efficient Workouts

There is no better complement to clean eating than an efficient workout plan that challenges you to grow stronger. Pounds and inches won’t stand a chance once you begin to incorporate our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts into your new healthy lifestyle!

We know you have a million things to do each day, and sometimes getting your workout in just doesn’t happen. We have designed workouts that are short on time but big on results. All our workouts are intended to give you maximal health benefits in minimal time. HIIT workouts burn 25-30% more calories than other forms of exercise and can elevate your metabolism for hours after exercise. This results in additional calories being burned even after you have finished exercising. Boom! Once again, Q FIT uses the best of scientific research to get you results!

You can do the HIIT training workouts in the Q FIT Workout Guide anywhere you go, no equipment required. Plus, we’ve included both beginner and advanced exercise movements, so you can customize your workout to your fitness level. And because variety is so important when it comes to working out, we’ll be sending a new workout each week so you’re always changing things up, surprising your body, and constantly improving.

Proper Supplementation to
Reach your Goals

Did you know that a deficiency in zinc (a micronutrient) can lead to low testosterone? And low testosterone makes it harder to build muscle? Yep! And that’s true for both men and women! Most “diets” are so limited in calories or food sources that they can create nutritional deficiencies, which is not good for your performance in the gym, on the field, on the job, or for your long-term health.

Throughout the Q FIT program, we will share our favorite products and supplements to make sure you’re getting all the essential micronutrients and macronutrients your body needs to perform at optimal levels every day. Your body will lose weight better and build more muscle (which burns more calories!) if it is nourished with proper amounts of micronutrients. Whether you want to Lose, Tone or Build, we have the supplements that will help you reach your individual goals.

Q Sciences is here throughout your health and fitness journey with products that support your workout, nutrition, energy, rest and recovery. Your body is a well-functioning machine, feed it the fuel it needs to function optimally for better results.